When Is It The Right Time To Search For A Bankruptcy Attorney And Start The Consultation Process?

Is your debt the only thing that you can currently think about? If you have a hard time concentrating on anything else because you keep getting calls about what you owe, and you feel like there is no end to all the debt you have, it would be in your best interest to speak to a bankruptcy attorney to see if filing would be a suitable option.

You Are in Need of Guidance

During a consultation with a bankruptcy attorney, you can briefly explain your situation while getting a better understanding of the laws that must be followed, along with the different ways you may be able to file to get rid of the debt that has accumulated. When you started getting into some debt, you probably had no idea it was going to end up getting as bad as it did. Now that the situation is so bad, you may have trouble eating, sleeping, or doing anything fun because all you can even think about is how much money you now owe to the creditors that keep contacting you and telling you that you need to pay them.

During a tough time like this, you need guidance and the bankruptcy attorney is the one who can provide that to you. Even before hiring a specific attorney to get you through this frustrating legal situation, the one you decide to consult with will likely walk you through your options while making sure you are aware of certain things, such as the bankruptcy court fee that you would need to pay and the options you have based on the kind of situation you have. For example, with the Chapter 7 option, you would be expected to sell off items of value to pay off a lot of the debt. However, your home and the car you drive would be considered exempt, which means you would not have to lose those necessities when going bankrupt. If you want to know which way to file, the bankruptcy attorney will go over your situation with you and then provide the best legal suggestions.

You Are Looking to Get a New Start

Filing bankruptcy is not a bad thing. It may be the only thing that brings you peace after dealing with massive debt for years. How long have you been stressed over your financial situation because you keep paying out money to creditors without making much of a dent? You have likely felt this way for months or even years and now is the time for you to get a new start in your life. While a bankruptcy is included in your credit report details, you can still build your credit score back up over some time. It would be much easier to start focusing on improving your credit after filing for bankruptcy and no longer having to worry about the debt.

If you have debt, need some guidance, and would like to get a new start, you should look for a bankruptcy attorney to consult with. Contact a firm, like Phoenix Law, can help you decide if you are going to file and how you are going to do it.